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Lizbaro’s bespoke custom hats, are made to measure with endless customization options. You are part of the artistic process and you’ll receive fully advice during your personal design.

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STEP 1. Design confirmation: Offering a wide assorted shapes, colors, materials, handmade embroidered artwork, trimmings and fabrics, considering fashion trends. There is endless array of interpretations so we design and create for you to make your hat a unique piece.

All our hats are 100% handmade. Handmade products may have small variations from digital designs. As well towards color pigments and handmade embroideries specially.

Price confirmation will be required (including shipping), and approximate delivery date will be given at this point.

STEP 2. Deposit payment: 50% of the total payment is required before starting your hat production.

STEP 3. Production time: creation of your personalized piece depends on the difficulty grade of the hat, as well as the materials selected and embroidered artwork if required. Delivery period shouldn’t extend more than 6-8 weeks from Step 2. In case that an extension of the delivery period is required, it will be notified in advance and always under your confirmation.

STEP 4. Balance payment will be required before shipment. We can send your order worldwide.

STEP 5. Receive your hat: Lizbaro’s items are so personal that we are glad to take part of such a great process. ENJOY !

To enquire about ordering a custom hat, please write to or use the following form to get started:

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